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My Beloved Family, Friends, and People of Earth :

My biggest challenge in 74 years of living is answering the question:

How can I reach people all around the world and get them to realize that the day they were born is their mother's Birth Day; and to honor that truth?

I also have another significant challenge:

What is the most effective way to recruit donors (and at the same time) help them understand that the reward (for their donation) IS their involved participation in a major shift in our cultural understanding of birthdays and the family? Because: The Father, Mother and Birth Child are all co-equals in the ongoing celebration of life.

Every day The Family is negatively affected by a variety of social, cultural, economic and political ills. Bringing a world into being where all mothers are given the honor and nurturing they deserve would be a change that many want to see.
Your donation will be used to help Stork Reality give greater life to the truth that: The Day You Were Born IS Your Mother's Birth Day.®
Thank you for your faith, trust and support for brighter tomorrow's...Starting Today!

I'm Emmett Abati Doe, Head Stork

May 1, 2015



Ingenious Grandfather Comes Up With A Unique Proclamation Honoring Mothers...

Stork Reality announces the launch of the Happy Birth Day Proclamation, as a fundamental step honoring every woman, on one of the most important dates in her life, the day she gave birth and became a mother. The Happy Birth Day Proclamation is to be framed and displayed with honor and pride. Available today at:

May 1, 2015 (Houston, Texas) – One of the most important dates in the life of a woman is when she gave birth and became a mother. This marvelous accomplishment deserves to be recognized and honored with pride.

Stork Reality now launches the Happy Birth Day Proclamation offering for every woman that has experienced the achievement of child birth. The Head Stork at Stork Reality explains, “Stork Reality was conceived as an expression that attempts to convey a profound acknowledgement to women Worldwide who have co-created life. This first Birth Day celebration honored my mother and the mothers of my children and grandchildren.”

This elegant Happy Birth Day Proclamation is personalized on a 9.5" x 12.5" archival acid-free parchment paper with engraver's old English print and an embossed gold seal. The Happy Birth Day Proclamation can be purchased today from Stork Reality at:

Testimonials and customer reviews are thrilling:

“I was fortunate to have received this honor on MY Birth Day!”

“Thank you very much ... my mother stated 'it is my greatest gift at this time in my life'".

And the Head Stork adds: “Stork Reality is leading the way in honoring and acknowledging the act of birth and celebrating new life. We believe the father, mother and birth child are all co-equals in the ongoing celebration of life.”

Founded in 2007, Stork Reality LLC is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company's daily watchwords are “The Day You Were Born IS Your Mother’s Birth Day. Honor Her!" This meaningful Proclamation will become a Keepsake and Heirloom she and generations will treasure.

The Head Stork