The birth of a child is a woman’s fondest memory - her happiest moment, hardest, most worthwhile, and greatest achievement. However, she is rarely, if ever, given the recognition she deserves for her accomplishments. The entire birthing experience has been glorified on the part of the baby. Although, however beautiful and wonderful they are, babies are not the ones doing anything miraculous – their Mommies are!

I still remember the day my son was born as if it were yesterday – everybody waiting around for hours to “see the baby.” Soon enough our anticipation was ended with his presence. The greatest reaction to any action I had ever made and gotten perfect the first time around! Of course he had flaws I would find out about later, but, he is still as perfect as I could ask for! (Un)fortunately, everyone else thought he was as perfect as I did. They all wanted to “see the baby.” They would walk into my room, say a quick “hello” and head straight for him - all of this being done without ever having to actually look at me. I might as well had not even been there. Finally, my son’s Grandfather came to visit me. He walked into the room, hugged me, kissed me and talked – no, listened to how great the whole experience had been for me. When I couldn’t talk any more, he handed me a framed document and said, “Here, Sugar, for YOUR BIRTH DAY.” For a brief moment I thought, “Does He Really Know Why I’m In Here?” Then, I realized that he was the only one who “got it!” The document recognized ME, for what I had just successfully accomplished.

I was fortunate to have received this honor on My Birth Day! However, it is certainly never too late to show someone, or even yourself, how miraculous THE ACT OF BIRTH IS!

What has become "THE PROCLAMATION BY STORK REALITY" is a great acknowledgement for birth days, your Birthingday, anniversaries, Christmas, and for when you want to declare “I respect, appreciate and acknowledge you FOR WHAT YOU DID, FOR ALL TIMES!”

I hope for someone you love deeply, or for yourself to share this memorable experience with me, that forever holds in the highest esteem the ACT OF BIRTH, and THE MOMMIES BIRTH DAY!

The First Recipient,
T. E. Thompson